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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Try Love for a "Change."

It's all become clear to me now.
Rich white men are doing something that they've always done.
They are trying to control others.
All others.
They pine for the old days when you could maximize your profits by using slaves.
Wow, slavery was great! Free work, and all you had to do was try and make sure that your slaves didn't die, but if they did, eh, get another one.
Oh, bliss! Oh, profits!
And the slaves were "different," they were not men.
They were less than men. That made it easier on their consciences (those who had consciences).
They even looked different, to make it even easier. They were black.

"Hey, remember that one magic grifter book that we've convinced everyone was written by God? What if we could find something in that that explains why these guys are less than men. Look at this. Mark of Ham. Works for me. We can sell this to the rubes. Tell them it's God's will. I bet this book will come in handy later. Let's build some buildings and use brainwashing, conditioning and threats and really pound our dogma into all of the people. If they don't believe us, they'll go to this really horrible place FOREVER, and experience pain and suffering like they can't even imagine, but we'll help them imagine it."

They will ALWAYS resent that the institution of slavery was abolished and they will do anything to get back to those principles.
They hate the blacks for no longer being slaves, and expecting to be treated equally and with justice.
They hate the liberals for helping to bring down slavery and expecting to have everyone treated equally and with justice.
They hate unions, because they fight for equality and justice for the workers (who, by golly, should be slaves and not get wages).
They hate immigrants for getting here AFTER slavery.
They LOVE free-trade agreements, because they allow us to ship jobs to places where the pay for workers is just barely above slavery.
They hate women, because, just like slaves, they have had the gall to believe that they deserve equality and justice.
They hate the middle class because they want a share of the money. Not gonna happen. "It's OUR money."

The best way to keep blacks down? Poverty and taking away the right to vote by using the magic grifter book, that says whatever we want it to say.
The best way to keep immigrants down? Poverty and taking away the right to vote by using the magic grifter book, that says whatever we want it to say..
The best way to keep women down? Use their bodies against them by using the magic grifter book, that says whatever we want it to say.

How do they do it?
Buy the government.
Buy the media.
Keep us scared, keep us down.
Turn us against each other.
Give us bread and circuses.

Time to stand up and fight.
Don't believe them.
Demand the truth.
Demand equality.
And start loving each other. It disrupts their plan.
I love you.

Baby Steps...

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Who're you callin' an animal?

Over the last couple of years, I have seen a increasing number of videos posted on the web, that show the amazing capacity of dogs to show love and compassion. In one video, a dog blocks highway traffic to protect another dog whom has been injured. Dogs protect their owners. And the babies of their owners. Dogs protect each other and in the case of search and rescue dogs, people they don't even know.

The only times that these dogs get upset or frustrated, is when they don't have the resources to do more. These magnificent creatures will risk their own lives and go to whatever lengths are in their ability to protect and save their charges. They have no promise of monetary reward. There is no outside agency that motivates them. They don't crave media recognition. They won't be going on a speaking tour, or given endorsement deals. They do it for love. Isn't that incredible?

In a lot of religious traditions, these heroic creatures are considered to not have a "soul" and therefore, cannot go to "heaven." First of all, I wouldn't want to go to a "heaven" that didn't include dogs. They are better "people" than most of the people I know.

Now, when there are "people" who refuse to use the resources they have (By the way, those resources are given to them by us!) to help others who are sick or poor, they have made themselves much, much less than any dog. Any. Dog. The same dogs that, by their religious beliefs, are not allowed into "heaven". A dog will use ALL of the resources it has, and go beyond, to help. When all along, there are "people" who refuse to help others, even though they have virtually unlimited resources (that they were given by US, the taxpayer), and they refuse to use them, insisting instead to give them to the rich and comfortable.

I think this demonstrates perfectly, who does and does not have a soul.
It shows without a shadow of a doubt who will and who will not get into "heaven."
It proves to me who deserves to be called an Animal.

Baby Steps...

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sometimes thing happen just like you planned.

In a past post, I mentioned that you might be able to ask your landlord to consider making some changes that would affect our impact on the planet. Well, by golly, my landlord did just that.
Recently our complex installed hot water-on-demand in all of the buildings. Not only does the water operate on this system, so does the heat (which is hot water). I'm not going to pretend that their motives were environmental and altruistic, in fact, I'm sure they are just enjoying the HUGE energy savings, but I'll take what I can get.
In fact, that is exactly how it works. Once businesses realize that they can actually save money by doing the right thing, hey, look at that, they start doing the right thing.
Baby Steps...