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Friday, December 12, 2014

Socialism. It's not just for Stalin anymore.

Whenever a progressive even hints at trying to apply some of the trappings of Socialism, the right wing goes full-tilt-defcon-four-batshit and screams about the failure of socialism in the past, usually citing Joe Stalin. The logic, I have to suppose is that socialism killed millions of people, not a seriously homicidal psychopath. They refuse to even consider the more recent, yet equally as deadly failures of Capitalism. The (First) Great Depression, the thousands of lives and treasure lost in the wars for oil, the systematic robbery of mortgage holders, the crash (and subsequent bailing-out) of Wall Street, Lehman Bros. AIG, etc. Miserable, hateful, racist bastards.

No More War.

I'm seriously considering giving up my godless heathen card. Every year I get drafted into this War on Christmas and every year we are defeated by these Fabulous and Christ-like "Christ"ians. While I swing the battleaxe of not excluding others from the holiday season, Christ-like warriors like Bill O'God-I-Love-Torture-Reilly beat back our every sallie. Unfettered Greed and Selfishness (the way Jesus intended it) continues to rule over love, and kindness. I give up in the face of such religious righteousness. Merry CHRISTmas, Mofos!